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US-2003225542-A1: Electronic fan capable of automatic fan speed adjustment according to ambient temperature conditions patent, US-2004012662-A1: Filter with integral heating element patent, US-2004040371-A1: Intelligent gas identification system and method thereof patent, US-2004044089-A1: Defoamer for concrete admixtures patent, US-2004050149-A1: Impression forming mechanism and method, and hardness testing apparatus and method patent, US-2004064184-A1: Laminoplasty cage patent, US-2004068808-A1: Dyeing or printing of manufactured natural polymer and synthetic hydrophobic fibre materials patent, US-2004077204-A1: Electrical connector with distortion-resistant cover patent, US-2004088144-A1: Interference verifying device and method for verifying interference between parts within a device patent, US-2004093785-A1: Method of increasing the fish catch in the ocean patent, US-2004180963-A1: Compounds which interact with the thyroid hormone receptor for the treatment of fibrotic disease patent, US-2004186306-A1: Process for preparing Guggulsterones patent, US-2004222382-A1: Devices incorporating soft ionization membrane patent, US-2004231016-A1: Efficient gene silencing in plants using short dsRNA sequences patent, US-2005054734-A1: Therapeutic treatment for the metabolic syndrome, type2 diabetes, obesity, or prediabetes patent, US-2005080277-A1: Process for preparing optically active 2-[6-(hydroxy-methyl)-1,3-dioxan-4-yl] acetic acid derivatives patent, US-2005081093-A1: Ternary content addressable memory directed associative redundancy for semiconductor memories patent, US-2005217596-A1: Novel health food and drink containing marine algae patent, US-2005229280-P1: Oak tree named 'qnstc' patent, US-2005234210-A1: Polyphosphazenes including ionic or ionizable moieties and fluorine-containing moieties patent, US-2006005289-P1: Plant variety of vinca minor named 'giant steps' patent, US-2006084808-A1: Process for producing cyanopiperidine patent, US-2006095994-P1: Black cherry tree named aftc-1 patent, US-2006116850-A1: Relative range camera calibration patent, US-2006180165-A1: Habit cessation method and apparatus patent, US-2006188403-A1: Microfluidic chip patent, US-2006212253-A1: Intelligent measurement modular semiconductor parametric test system patent, US-2007074319-P1: Miniature rose plant named 'poulpah033' patent, US-2007098478-A1: Coater used also as wiper patent, US-2007103148-A1: Accelerated pedal with half-effect movement sensor patent, US-2007215242-A1: Dispensing spout patent, US-2007236114-A1: Vertical and articulated system to move furniture patent, US-2007244412-A1: Medical apparatus for use by a patient for medical self treatment of diabetes patent, US-2007262655-A1: Power supply and switch apparatus thereof patent, US-2007276765-A1: Method and system for secured transactions patent, US-200716-A: Improvement in gates patent, US-2007200-A: Water gas carburetor patent, US-2008025818-A1: Fastening assembly patent, US-2008067882-A1: Motor patent, US-2008085994-A1: T1R hetero-oligomeric taste receptors, cell lines that express said receptors, and taste compounds patent, US-2008131446-A1: Vaccine Composition patent, US-2008138907-A1: Extractant Solution for Residual Veterinary Agent in Livestock Product or Seafood patent, US-2008139638-A1: Method of increasing growth hormone secretion patent, US-2008214485-A1: Method of inducing an immune response patent, US-2008222777-A1: Solar fan hat with interchangeable ears patent, US-2008295656-A1: Tension spanner patent, US-2008157-A: Anthraquinone-acridone dyestuff patent, US-2009038713-A1: Rolling apparatus patent, US-2009105130-A1: Depsipeptide-containing injection solution patent, US-2009162232-A1: Vane pump patent, US-2009181008-A1: Methods of treating alzheimer's disease patent, US-2009194070-A1: Method for controlling at least one sheathed-element glow plug in an internal combustion engine and engine controller patent, US-2009213788-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a systeminfo block in an active state in wireless communication system patent, US-2009282590-P1: Variety of rubus plant named 'Sugana' patent, US-2009339-A: Sickle bar for mowing machines patent, US-2009553-A: Machine for trimming and molding heel covers patent, US-2003218807-A1: Projection lens patent, US-2004000387-A1: Apparatus and method of forming parts patent, US-2004073961-A1: Nematode screening assay patent, US-2004092828-A1: Method and apparatus for investigating layers of tissues in living animals using a microscope patent, US-2004098334-A1: Foreign currency index patent, US-2004178373-A1: Card counter and method of counting cards patent, US-2004187111-A1: Content management portal and method for communicating media content patent, US-2004219312-A1: Thermal transfer image-receiving sheet patent, US-2005035929-A1: Method for driving discharge display panel by address-display mixing patent, US-2005069808-A1: Positive resist composition and pattern formation method using the same patent, US-2005070437-A1: Herbicide combinations comprising specific sulfonamides patent, US-2005081961-A1: Flexible magnet and method for manufacturing motor using the same patent, US-2005177107-A1: Safety syringe assembly patent, US-2005280221-A1: Double klap flex base boot with heel linkage patent, US-2006005991-A1: Electrical cable for a linear motor and winding produced from it patent, US-2006033439-A1: Xenon lamps patent, US-2006050925-A1: Method of determining authenticity and watermark reader patent, US-2006066197-A1: Method and apparatus for producing electromagnetic radiation patent, US-2006068577-A1: Method for fabricating electrical interconnect structure patent, US-2006089225-A1: Lubrication system for a transmission output differential mechanism patent, US-2006126945-A1: Information-theoretic method for clustering and merging imprecise data patent, US-2006173148-A1: Optical members, and processes, compositions and polymers for preparing them patent, US-2006226024-A1: Method and apparatus for electrowinning copper using the ferrous/ferric anode reaction and a flow-through anode patent, US-2006230757-A1: Fluid pressure booster patent, US-2006235334-A1: Apparatus and methods for material capture and removal patent, US-2006247284-A1: Use of 7-nitro-2,1,3 benzoxadiazole derivatives for anticancer therapy patent, US-2007018944-A1: Electrophoretic display panel patent, US-2007067790-A1: Turntable as well as a device comprising such a turntable patent, US-2007081143-A1: Method and apparatus for detecting motion of an apparatus and for controlling the operations of the apparatus in accordance with the detected motion patent, US-2007089737-A1: Internal deflector for respiratory mask patent, US-2007094441-A1: Method of generating TCAM entry and method and apparatus for searching for TCAM entry patent, US-2007109460-A1: Generation and applications of negative dielectric constant materials patent, US-2007122611-A1: Sheet paper for irregular reflection and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2007141702-A1: Parthenogenic activation of human oocytes for the production of human embryonic stem cells patent, US-2007256188-A1: Method of Transforming Monocotyledonous Seed patent, US-2007297374-A1: Neural network-based mobility management for self-partition detection and identification of mobile ad hoc radio networks patent, US-2008013652-A1: Method and system for converting logarithmic values into linear values in digital logic patent, US-2008100538-A1: Method and apparatus for driving address electrodes in plasma display panel patent, US-2008105064-A1: Method And A Device For Taking Samples When Measuring Ph, Conductivity, Redox Potential And/Or Other Ion-Concentrations In Liquids, Including Washing Of Electrodes And A Suction Circuit patent, US-2008137250-A1: Pulldown driver with gate protection for legacy interfaces patent, US-2008149110-A1: Awake airway, including two variants patent, US-2008198483-A1: Three-group zoom lens and imaging device patent, US-2008278814-A1: Structured surface articles containing geometric structures with compound faces and methods for making same patent, US-2009000553-A1: Method for the intensive cultivation of contaminant-free grasshoppers and their derivatives for human consumption patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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